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Ahad, 18 Januari 2015



Inspired by Midnight Fantasy, Britney Spears

The new alcohol-free perfume spray Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears from One Drop Perfumes. Using silicone oil to make fragrance last longer and settle on your skin.

- 30 ml content
- Long lasting pure fragrance oil
- Inspired by top designers’ perfumes

Inspired by Midnight Fantasy, Britney Spears.
Experience the fantasy scents that you love in a sleek spray bottle. The sweet and seductive smell that gets you noticed instantly. Midnight Fantasy is for women who portray seductive, charming and elusive nature. Recommended for evening wear.
Top Notes: framboise, black cherry and plum.
Middle Notes: night orchid, freesia and iris.
Base Notes: vanilla, musk and amber.

RM 68.00 

Inspired by Someday, Justin Bieber.
This perfume has light and flirty fragrance without overwhelming. A fruity scent with a touch of floral. Perfect gift for girls or women.
Top Notes: wild berries, pear and sweet mandarin.
Middle Notes: creamy flowers and jasmine.
Base Notes: vanilla and soft musk.
RM 68.00
Inspired by Valentina, Valentino.
This fragrance is as fresh as the morning breeze. It holds a mix of floral, oriental and woody fragrance. If you don’t want to wear a scent that overpowering, this fragrance is for you.
Top Notes: bergamot and tuber.
Middle Notes: jasmine, African orange flower, tuberose and wild strawberry.
Base Notes: cedar, amber and vanilla.


Inspired by Apple Blossom, Body Shop
This favourite perfume has a refreshing and fruity green fragrance. Spritz all over your body and smell a fresh burst of juicy apple and zesty citrus. Recommended for special occasions.
Top Noteslilial,ylang.
Middle Notesfreesia and jasmine, hedione.
Base Notesmusk.


Inspired by Sunflowers, Elizabeth Arden.
As bold and as beautiful as its floral namesake, Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers is indeed your favourite scent. Its crisp, spicy first note gently warms with body heat to sing a soft, musky second note. A classic and feminine fragrance that lifts your mood all day long.
Top Notes: lemon, rosewood, orange blossom, bergamot, mandarin and peach.
Middle Notes: rose, jasmine, cyclamen and iris root.
Base Notes: musk, cedar, amber and sandalwood.


Inspired by Chloe de Parfum, Chloe.
This fragrance has a youthful and flowery scent. Let it settle for a while after spritzing to experience a gorgeous and sexy fragrance that got even better throughout the day. Ladies, this is a scent you wear to get compliments!
Top Notes: honeysuckle, orange blossom and carnation.
Middle Notes: jasmine, tuberose, narcissus and rose.
Base Notes: amber, sandalwood, oakmoss and orris.

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