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Isnin, 19 Januari 2015

men's perfumes

RM 68 SM
RM 73 SS

Inspired by Spicebomb, Viktor & Rolf
This fragrance has a unique, masculine, exotic scent that is very strong with a "sweet" aftertaste. The warmth of this fragrance makes it ideal for an evening out. It's a fragrance for men with a strong personality. Definitely a head turner and get a lot of compliments from women.
Top notes: chilli, saffron and leather.
Middle notes: tobacco, vetiver, grapefruit and bergamot.
Base notes: cedar, elemi and pink pepper.

Inspired by Blue, Chanel
This is a nice, clean versatile fragrance. The citrus opening is very uplifting for the morning and the spicy, woody base is relaxing for later on in the day. The notes will linger on for a while and captivate from the start to finish. Bear in mind that this fragrance is a compliment magnet too!
Top notes: jasmine, nutmeg and grapefruit.
Middle notes: vetiver, patchouli, ginger and mint.
Base notes: cedar, sandalwood and labdanum.

Inspired by Desire, Dunhill.
A complex yet beautiful scent of oriental and smoky tones. This masculine fragrance exudes the scent of seduction with distinctive, heavenly and gentlemanly scent. It lasts for the whole  day without changing its core scent. Best worn in the evening.

Top notes: apple, orange blossom, bergamot and citrus notes.
Middle notes: rose, patchouli and teakwood.
Base notes: vanilla, musk and labdanum.
Inspired by Issey Miyake, Issey Miyaki.
A refined, youthful, and sophisticated perfume, with a light citrus & woody spice scent that is very pleasing, not musky, overly sweet, and intrusive to other people's olfactory nerves. It's a gorgeous perfume - light enough for the day, but easily transitions into a flirty night fragrance.
Top Notes: rosemary, bergamot and mint.
Middle Notes: geranium bourbon and blue water lily.
Base Notes: musk and patchouli.

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